AAC Book Club: Winter Book Club Dates in Golden.

We are always looking for new books to read and new members so bring great ideas, great discussions and a friend to the December meeting. The meeting will be December 14, 2010 around 6:30 p.m .  See you then.

Future Front Range Book club books are going to be:

December 14: Fatal Mountaineer by Robert Roper.

This is the biography of Willi Unsoeld.

This mountaineering book is very well-written in a unique style that belongs to Robert Roper. It was unique from other mountaineering books in the way he intermixed climbing scenes with Willi Unsoeld?s philosophies on life. He contrasts the sport climber versus the true mountaineers who find spiritual strength in high places. He shows the contrast between team climbers and soloists. It goes beyond…

January 11: Touching the Void by Joe Simpson.

One of the great classics of mountaineering literature.

Touching the Void is a phenomenal true story about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates. The two young men decide to try to climb the heart stopping West-face of Sirula Grande. Though it was extremely cold, and a very difficult few days to reach the mountain’s summit, they succeeded. Only a short while later did the unthinkable happen, Joe had fallen and broken his leg. Even though Simon was sure that Joe would…

(You can watch the movie if you want… )

For February 8: We were thinking about reading Fifty Classic Climbs by Steve Roper and Alan Steck.

Detailed narratives profile fifty challenging climbs in premier mountaineering areas, describing the physical features and surroundings of the Alaskan ranges, the Rockies, the Bugaboos, the Washington Cascade, and the Sierra Nevada.

However copies of that book are hard to find (outside of the library).

So if you are interested in something like that, we could do Fifty Favorite Climbs by Mark Kroese.

This was printed in 2001 and can be found easily and cheaply.

* Source : – The Blog of The American Alpine Club Library

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