Himalaya 2011 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /3/ – Week in Review.

It has been an unexpectedly action-packed week at ExplorersWeb. The winter summit of GII made waves with a very hard descent, and the situation in Egypt had our team scramble to find related explorers for comments. All ending well, time came to look to the future in an exciting 2011 Himalaya tech outlook published today. The next big thing on Everest? You’ll be surprised!

GII winter Skype interview “My most f-uped day in the mountains,” reckoned Cory. Descending in a storm from GII summit, even veteran winter mountaineers Simone and Denis were shook up by the events. In a lengthy Skype interview from BC (most clicked at ExWeb actually) Cory gave his side of the story while Simone detailed the avalanche that almost buried the three alive on Gasherbrum II.

ExWeb Karakoram Exclusive: Wielicki’s Analysis of Current Winter Season Few know the harsh winter Himalayan giants, including K2, like Krzysztof Wielicki. So how does he think the GII team did? What about the Polish Broad Peak team? And what are the chances for the guys on GI? Wielicki commented on the current climbs, exclusive for ExWeb. As for your own 5 cents: cast a vote at the new Poll.

ExWeb’s Karakoram 3D Mountain Tracker brings you all winter teams’ locations and updates.

In Alaska Christine Feret is giving winter Denali a second shot, once again teaming up with winter veteran Artur Testov.

Egypt is free: Mubarak steps down Going, not going, gone! In a thrilling 24 hour head-spin Egypt’s former President Mubarak just could not make up his mind. Finally this morning the dictator decided to leave the palace after all, carried off by helicopter and the peoples’ roar of approval.

Egypt Editorial: The first two weeks are critical, after that victory is near Comparing to a North Pole expedition, ExWeb’s Tina Sjogren promised the Egyptian demonstrators victory since they had stuck it out for 16 days already. More though, she revisited other – not so lucky – uprisings in later years.

From the saddle: Arita Baajiens inside Egypt “My address is Tahrir till Mubarak goes,” Arita told ExWeb was one slogan she read on the square. As history was being made, ExWeb caught up with extreme trekker Arita Baajiens in the midst of the revolution.

Focus Egypt: ‘Three Poles’ Adrian Hayes to ExWeb, “Gulf States are watching with some concern.” ExWeb also checked in with UAE based ‘Three Poles’ and ‘The Emirates NBD Greenland Quest’ Adrian Hayes for his take on how the protests are affecting the United Arab Emirates.

First Egyptian Everest summiter Omar Samra to ExplorersWeb: “I need to be back home, to do what I am not sure…” As Cairo went on fire, first Egyptian Everest summiteer Omar Samra stood on the summit of Aconcagua. “My feeling about all what is going on, and you have to bear in mind that I have not been exactly plugged in those last few days, is mixed,” Omar told ExplorersWeb.

Atacama Desert Run update Yup, still running: Ray Zahab has passed salt flats and mining fields in up to 50 deg Celsius, doing up to 70 km some days, with blisters.

Atlantic Row Wrap up: Sara G bags it On 8th February 2011 Ocean rowing boat ‘Sara G’ Skippered by Britt Matt Craughwell pulled into the speed-record books as they got in to Port St. Charles, Barbados.

Round The World Wrap: UFO ended record attempt The 40 meter long maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V had a solid grip on the Round The World Record when they collided with an Unidentified Floating Object in the Southern Ocean. The damage done was not compromising to the safety of the boat, but the performance took a major hit.

Game on: Brits to kick Norwegian butt on Greenland What is it with the Brits and the Norwegians ever since Scott and Amundsen? After Christian Eide killed the British speed record at Antarctica; Alex Hibbert and Andrew Wilkinson now plan to steal a Greenland speed ski record held by three Norwegians, “to regain Britain’s crown for Arctic triumph,” they told ExWeb.

HumanEdgeTech ALERT about Thuraya scratch card fraud Most Thuraya satellite phone users buy scratch card numbers in nomination of 80 or 160 units to refill their phones. The 14 digit numbers can be refilled online or directly on the phone. Lately, internet scam artists have been buying refill numbers online with false credit cards and HET issued an alert.

2011 tech report: get ready for Everest and Himalaya Pads, mobiles, social media…Mosaic?Outfitting climbers and adventurers since the dawn of satellite phones and internet; the crew at HumanEdgeTech usually knows the next big thing in Himalaya. Everest season around the corner, ExWeb checked in with Tom Sjogren for the 2011 scoop.

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