Himalaya 2011 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /7/ – Week in Review.

Climbing statistics, a new list of Pakistan expeditions. Antarctica anniversary technology kick-off and ‘Bits from the Silver Bullet’ new Silicon Valley adventure tech series.

A camel caravan to K2 north side, a few early summit pushes and one success already in Pakistan: Here goes a wrap from ExplorersWeb.

2011 Pakistan List of Expeditions Karakoram will have a fairly thin but serious climbing season. There are new route attempts, records to be finished without gas, and controversial figures returning to the jagged peaks alongside mountaineering veterans. The list of the 2011 Pakistan climbing expeditions is up.

Word is Latok III is in the bag Check tomorrow’s Pakistan wrap for details.

Early summit pushes: French Sophie Denis wants it all, in record time Sophie saw the light during a hard trip that included new routes in the Andes: she would chain-climb the 14x8000ers. She summited Cho Oyu and Lhotse within two weeks this past May. On Friday, barely days after arriving Broad Peak BC with FTA, Sophie chanced a rapid summit attempt with Lakpa Sherpa from C2 but it was cut short by high winds. After Broad Peak, Sophie hopes to bag K2.

Pakistan 2010/2011 stats heads-up: chronicle of the winter firsts Before kicking off the Pakistan climbing season, a stats wrap by ExWeb contributor Brazilian Rodrigo Granzotto Peron revisited the past Karakoram winter.

Preliminary stats: Himalaya and Everest 2011 spring review Youngest, oldest, first and last. Rodrigo Granzotto Peron wrapped the past Himalaya spring season, the interesting along with the sad, in numbers.

French Alps in the news Six French climbers were found dead by a hiker at the Neige Cordier peak (3,614 m) in the Alps on Sunday morning. Seems the rope team slipped at the top of the corridor and fell 200 metres (650 ft) fairly soon after starting out on Saturday morning.

Human cargo sling: Fishtail Air retrieves remains from Naya Kanga Fishtail Air retrieved the body of Japanese woman hiker Masue Yoshida, 63, who was killed in an avalanche at Naya Kanga peak 5844m, 30 kms north of Kathmandu. The operation was carried out from an altitude of 18000ft.

Communications on ‘the cheap’ from Everest Base Camp While in BC, research assistant professor at the University of Washington and recent Everest summiteer Seth Wolpin compiled a detailed technology report that could prove useful for the next batch of Everest south side climbers.

Karakoram clean-up effort continues Launched by the Italian EvK2Cnr Committee (manning the solar powered Everest Pyramid near Gorak Shep, keeping the live web cam at Kala Patar and running the weather station near Everest summit), Maurizio Gallo leads this year’s Karakoram cleaning expedition. Since 2009 the campaign has cleared the area of 20 tons of junk, and hopes to remove another 7-8 tons this season.

Skog and Gjeldnes turned around Cecilie Skog and Rune Gjeldnes decided to abort their summer mission to the North Pole after plenty of brash ice, but no open water for the canoes, killed the planned schedule.

Johan Ernst Nilson update Following his ski from the North Pole to Canada; Nilson is cycling through Nunavut’s clouds of mosquitoes heading south.

Basque high altitude climbers finished Greenland kite ski What was intended as a test ended up much harder than they thought, Alberto Inurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel ZabalzaI said after finishing their Greenland crossing from Narsaq to Qaanaaq.

ExWeb interview series with Dimitri Kieffer “I simply realized how clearly focused I needed to be along every step” Dimitri Kieffer completed what he calls, ‘The Missing Link’, from Knik Lake near Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Omsukchan, Russia. In an interview series he tells ExWeb all about his big walk.

ExWeb interview with Henry Worsley and Mark Langridge: Obviously no one will be ‘Going outside for some time’ At the end of the year, 2 British teams will follow Amundsen and Scott’s routes from the Bay of Whales and Cape Evans. They told ExWeb about what they have learned from the early explorers.

Big kayak challenge reaches milestone Richard Harpham’s Big5 Kayak Challenge has reached a 5,000 Mile Expedition milestone. Headed back to Alaska and Canada, Richard will complete his 11th kayak and canoe based expedition.

NWP: shoestring project on different route The season for sailing the North West Passage is coming up. A Swede and a Canadian plan to sail a more northerly route this year in a small cruising yacht on a shoestring budget.

ExWeb tech series kick-off: bits from the Silver Bullet Chased by early winter storms we fled across high passes in our version of the pioneer wagon: an old aluminum trailer dubbed the Silver Bullet. Now arrived in Mecca; stay tuned for ExplorersWeb’s Silicon Valley tech roundups with an adventure edge.

Bits from the Silver Bullet: San Francisco NextGen K2 frostbite? Get a glove-keyboard to dispatch using only one hand. Korean climber or Messner’s bro? Sample with your desktop sized DNA xerox machine. Adventure clothes made of silver; toys built to beef up your focus: last week San Francisco ran a small NextGEN Science Fair spotlighting futuristic products and ExWeb was there.

“Hi I’m Tiny!” GoPro’s little hero now in 3D 3D has been all the rage in 2011 but GoPro should have the most innovative solution: Add a second cam plus housing to your existent GoPro Hero HD and you’re all set at $99. (The housing is water proof to 60 meter). 3D editing software is included and works on Mac and PC.

New poll: which is toughest? In the past poll, only 31 of you figured that AI is best remedy for Khumbu cough; 233 correctly voted that a face mask will do a better job. Only a few days old, the new poll shows surprising results. Is bobbing across the Atlantic really more difficult than climbing Everest?

Have your say – comment stories Do you think an expedition is over-hyped? Or under-reported? If you think that exploits are ranked to media connections, financial might or sheer bullshitting skills – now you can change that. Like or unlike stories at ExWeb, and comment what’s going on using the power of facts.

Polar Pad and Polar Netbook: Antarctica 100 year anniversary tech news and roundup This Antarctica season marks the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the South Pole. In anticipation and to honor our surprisingly techie polar ancestors HumanEdgeTech brought out two major news. The PDA – for almost a decade King of Antarctica dispatches – will have to share the throne with the Polar Pad and Polar Netbook.

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