25th Grand Finale GOCC – Where to Watch Us?

The Grand Finale is the ultimate charity fete and to our knowledge it is the largest charity event in this part of Europe. The one day event is happening silmultaneously in different parts of the globe. This Sunday the sun is not going to set over our fundraiser. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is going to be playing in Australia and in Japan. We have received news from volunteers in Georgia and updates from Collection Centres across Europe and the US.

Fot. Błażej Sendzielski

Fot. Błażej Sendzielski


Read on to find out where to tune in to watch the Grand Finale events unfold! 

The Grand Finale events are going to be broadcast nationwide on the channels belonging to TVN Network and online on Player.pl

Apart from the TV broadcast on TVN channels, we invite you to tune in to watch the Grand Finale events on the GOCC Youtube channel. Concerts from the stage in front of the Palace of Culture and Sciences will be broadcast on Kręcioła Youtube channel.

**  Source : – http://www.en.wosp.org.pl/aktualnosci/gdzie-obejrzec-transmisje-finalu-wosp

* Office of GOCC on the world :

Bergen – https://www.facebook.com/propterfamilia

Berlin – URL: http://www.wosp-berlin.de/

Bruksela – http://www.wosp.be/

Chicago – http://www.wospchicago.com/

Dublin – http://www.dublinwosp.org.pl/http://www.dublinwosp.org.pl/

Eindhoven – https://www.facebook.com/wospeindhoven/https://www.facebook.com/wospeindhoven/

Londyn – http://hurricaneofhearts.com/

Mississauga,On – https://www.facebook.com/wospkanada

Rotterdam – https://www.facebook.com/WO%C5%9AP-Rotterdam-1152877138099798/?fref=ts

Southampton – http://glospolonii.com/wosp

Wellington, NZ – http://wellington.sztab.wosp.pl/http://wellington.sztab.wosp.pl/

* see also –https://himalman.wordpress.com/category/gocc/

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