Himalaya Spring 2017: High Winds on Everest Turning Early Summit Bids Back.

All week long we’ve been closely watching the evolving situation and weather on Everest with the expectation that teams would launch their summit bids over the weekend, provided the weather window holds. But, a few teams have attempted to go up in dicey weather, and now it sounds like they may be headed back down without ever reaching the top.

Alan Arnette has been following the summit pushes closely and as always, he has the best info on where everyone is at on the mountain at any given time. He’s posted an update of the “second summit wave” which got underway late last night Nepali time, and has been continuing throughout the day there. But, an update from the Summit Club team indicates that they have received a radio call that says high winds on the summit are turning teams back without success. That means that the teams that launched an early bid, including the 7 Summits Club, are heading back down the mountain. How far they’ll descend and whether or not they’ll be ready to make a second push over the weekend remains to be seen.

Considering that a large number of teams, including IMG, are now heading to higher camps for summit attempts over the weekend, you can bet that all eyes are now on the weather forecast. If high winds continue, a lot of squads will be forced to delay their final push to the top, and the next weather window isn’t expected to open until the early part of next week. Hopefully conditions will settle down and allow these teams to get up and down safely, but nothing is certain at this point. In fact, the weather has been so strange and unpredictable this season that it is possible that some climbers will miss out on the summit altogether due to bad timing, a narrow window, or because conditions simply just aren’t right. The forecasts continue to look positive for the next couple of days, but for now you can bet there are a lot of climbers and expedition leaders holding their breath and crossing their fingers.
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Himalaya Fall 2010: Eric Summits Everest, Completes Save The Poles Expedition!

Author : Kraig Becker.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Major congratulations are going out to Eric Larsen this morning as he and his Sherpa guides have reached the summit of Everest this morning amidst calm, but steady winds. While details of the climb are yet to be released, Larsen did send a tweet back from the top of the world saying “Everest summit!” That was approximately four hours ago as of this writing, and at this point he and the Sherpas are making their way back down to Camp 4 for some much deserved rest.

* This image was originally posted to Flickr by babasteve at http://flickr.com/photos/64749744@N00/63165565

The summit of the highest mountain on the planet holds great significance for Erich today. Not only are he and his guides the last team on Everest at the moment, they are also the only ones to nab the summit this fall, which has been marked with incredibly bad weather, he has also finished his Save the Poles Expedition at long last, having now visited the North and South Pole, as well as the top of Everest, which is sometimes called the “Third Pole,” all in the same calendar year.

I’ve been following Eric’s progress since his expedition was announced last year, and updated frequently on his progress to both the Poles and now his Everest expedition as well. It is extremely gratifying to see him complete the task he set out to do. It has been one heck of a year for the explorer, and I think he deserves a nice break on a beach somewhere. Of course, he’ll most likely decide he wants to complete the Adventure Grand Slam and go off and get the rest of the Seven Summits, but for now, I’m sure, life is good.

At least have a steak at the Rum Doodle when you get back to Kathmandu Eric! Congratulations on a job well done. Now finish what you started and get back down safe.

* Source : – http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Everest Challenge – 4 th report.

I Recommend…

Everest Challenge Sir Ranulph Fiennes is climbing Everest for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Delivering Choice Programme. Marie Curie Cancer Care..

Route: South East Ridge. Website – www.everestchallenge.org.uk

Back in Base Camp

Sir Ranulph Fiennes arrived in Base Camp just after 5pm this evening, having spent four hours walking down through the Khumbu Icefall. Sir Ranulph left Camp 4 just after breakfast and made the journey down in one day.
Of his aborted summit attempt Sir Ranulph Fiennes said: “I wanted an extra day to recover in Camp […]

Sir Ranulph – on his way back to Base Camp

Having abandoned his summit attempt due to exhaustion Sir Ranulph Fiennes is now heading down to Base Camp.
At 12.45am (Nepalese Time) this morning Sir Ranulph Fiennes arrived back at the South Col suffering from extreme exhaustion. He left Camp 4 to head down the mountain this morning.
At 1.30pm Sir Ranulph radioed down to base camp […]

May 24th, 2008 | Tagged as: , , ,

Sir Ranulph Fiennes turns back due to exhaustion

Exhaustion has forced Sir Ranulph Fiennes, OBE, to abandon his attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
At 12.45am (Nepalese time) the Base Camp radio cracked into life with the news that Sir Ranulph was back at the South Col, having turned back due to exhaustion.
Sir Ranulph’s summit bid began at 7am Friday morning when […]

May 24th, 2008 | Tagged as: , |

They’re off!

At 5pm UK time the Marie Curie press office had word that Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie have left for the summit.
Watch this space… more updates later.

Behind the scenes – a newsroom at 5,380 metres

For the last two months, Liz Scarff and David Carter have been filming, writing copy, taking photographs and sending the latest coverage direct to the UK from the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest.
In addition to producing the editorial content, journalist and photographer Liz Scarff is producing and directing the project from Everest Base Camp, […]

Last hours before the final push

Having successfully reached Camp 4 the next stop for Sir Ranulph Fiennes is, quite literally, the top of the world.
Team Marie Curie left Camp 3 this morning at 7am (Nepalese time) to head into the death zone. They reached their destination on the South Col around 1pm.
Speaking from his tent, sounding breathless and croaky, Kenton […]

May 23rd, 2008 | Tagged as: , , |

Next stop – the death zone

At 6pm (Nepalese time) this evening Sir Ranulph Fiennes was tucking into a meal of chicken, mushroom and pasta, having successfully reached Camp 3 just before lunchtime.
Sir Ranulph said: “There was a little bit of snow as we trudged up the Lhotse Face – but we had no problems at all.”
Sir Ranulph, who has had […]

The team make Camp 3 – Sir Ranulph finds an inner strength

Just before lunchtime today (Nepal time) Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie safely reached Camp 3. The three man climbing team left Camp 2 at 5am and began the long trudge, on fixed lines, up the steep Lhotse Face.
As the team head closer to the death zone, the air gets thinner, the temperature plummets […]

Team Marie Curie rest at Camp 2

Team Marie Curie arrived at Camp 2 yesterday after a long, hard slog though the increasingly dangerous Khumbu Icefall.
Sir Ranulph and Team Marie Curie left Base Camp at 4am in a bid to beat the debilitating sun in the Western Cwm. The downside of leaving early is that the cold exacerbates the notorious Khumbu cough.
Today […]

Sir Ranulph leaves for summit

This morning Sir Ranulph Fiennes, OBE, left Everest Base Camp for the summit of the world’s highest mountain. Team Marie Curie walked in darkness to the base of the Khumbu Icefall for the very last time.
By lunchtime the team had arrived at Camp 2, first port of call. Tomorrow will be a rest day before […]

This town – is nothing but a ghost town

This year when Sir Ranulph Fiennes arrived at Everest Base Camp he wasn’t even sure if he would ever be allowed up the mountain – but he came anyway. Now after six weeks of acclimatising; climbing up and down through the ever cracking and shifting Icefall; six weeks of living at an altitude of 5,380m, […]

Sir Ranulph Fiennes delayed by weather

Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ bid to climb Everest has been delayed by unpredictable weather. The team were due to leave this morning at dawn but weather reports yesterday from the British Met Office and the Swiss Met Office predicted that there would be heavy snow around May 21. Kenton Cool, expedition leader, took the decision to […]

Video update from the Camp 3 trip

Here is a video update of Team Marie Curie’s final acclimatisation trip to Camp 3.
The team are currently waiting at Base Camp ready for their summit bid.

May 18th, 2008 | Tagged as:

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Everest Challenge.

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