70-Year Old Aleksander Doba Lunches Third Atlantic Crossing by Kayak.

This past Sunday, 70-year old Polish adventurer Aleksander Doba set off on his third voyage to cross the Atlantic Ocean in Kayak. The attempt comes after a similar voyage was canceled last year just a short time after it started when prevailing winds pushed Doba’s kayak – dubbed Olo – back onto the shore, damaging it in the process. This year however, he seems to have cleared those dangers and is now making his way out into open water.

The journey began in New York City Harbor, near the Sandy Hook region, which is where Olo was damaged last year. The 23-foot custom kayak nearly ran aground again, but Doba was able to keep it away from the rocks and navigate the boat out into the water, where he is now relatively safe for the time being. Ahead of the Pole is a 5000 mile (8046 km) journey across open water that if all goes as planned should end when he reaches Lisbon, Portugal. It should take him about four months to cover that distance, arriving just before his 71st birthday.

Doba has already completed two previous crossings of the Atlantic. The previous two attempts saw him paddling east to west, so for this particular journey he wanted to go the opposite direction. His first trip took 99 days to complete, setting a record for the longest kayaking journey in history. It began in Senegal and ended in Brazil. The second expedition left from Dakar in Africa and also finished in Brazil.

Last year, Doba set out to much fanfare, with well wishers lining the shore or following along in boats and kayaks. It was a media circus that proved distracting, particularly when the trip ended so abruptly. This year, he snuck out a bit more quietly, watching the weather closely for the right window to get underway. Still, the Sandy Hook peninsula nearly got him again and for a moment it looked like the trip would end quickly once again. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and now this 70-year old living legend can press on towards his goal.

Good luck to Aleksander. You’re in inspiration to us all.

Autor : Kraig Becker

* source: – 70-Year Old Aleksander Doba Lunches Third Atlantic Crossing by Kayak

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Video: Remembering Ueli Steck.

We’re likely to see quite a few videos paying tribute to Ueli Steck in the days and weeks to come. The Swiss alpinist was much loved and admired, even outside the mountaineering community. This short video was put together by the team at Climbing Daily over at GrindTV, and it gives us a sense of what drove Steck to push himself to the limit and do things in the mountains that had never been done before.

Autor : Kraig Becker

* source: – Video: Remembering Ueli Steck

** see also: – https://himalman.wordpress.com/category/video/

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Men’s Journal Picks the 25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years too!.

A few weeks back I shared a story from Men’s Journal that listed the 25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years, giving us an impressive list of female explorers, climbers, skiers, and all-around bad-asses. But the magazine has also put together its picks for the 25 Most Adventurous Men as well, and as you would expect its filled with a lot of names that should be familiar to regular readers of The Adventure Blog.

Each entry onto the list provides a bit of context for why this person made the cut, including a look at some of his most impressive accomplishments. For instance, Conrad Anker is first up, and the article mentions his discovery of the body of George Mallory as well as his obsessive focus to climb the Shark Fin on Mt. Meru in India, which was documented in the amazing film Meru. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a good indicator of what Conrad has accomplished over the course of his illustrious career.

Other names making MJ’s list include Mike Horn, Alex Honnold, Erik Weihenmayer, Doug Tompkins, and more. Each of the men on the list have left an indelible mark on the outdoor and adventure landscape over the past two-and-a-half decades, and each is very deserving of making the cut. Sadly, some of the men are no longer with us either.

Speaking of which, I did find it odd that Ueli Steck didn’t make the list. Of course, there has to be a cut-off, and someone is going to be left out of the mix, but considering Ueli’s accomplishments over the past decade or so, it is hard to understand why he didn’t earn a spot amongst these 25 men. His only mention comes with the fact that he discovered Alex Lowe’s (who is on the list!) body on Shishapangma last year. That’s a major oversight in my opinion.

Check out the entire list by clicking here.

Autor : Kraig Becker

* source: – Men’s Journal Picks the 25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years too!

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Men’s Journal Names the 25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years.

Here’s another list for those of you who enjoy these articles. This time, it comes our way from the good folks over at Men’s Journal, and it names the 25 most adventurous women of the past 25 years, giving us a look at a group of ladies who are tough, determined, and downright inspiring too.

Each profile of the ladies includes a few paragraphs about why they are deserving of a spot on the list, as well as a brief rundown of their noteworthy accomplishments. These women are explorers, pioneers, athletes, and activist, and in most cases they are all of those at once. I have written about the exploits of many of them right here on this very blog, with more than a few pulling off some of the most daring and impressive accomplishments we’ve seen in the outdoor world.

So who made the cut? As usual, I won’t spoil the list too much, but I will reveal a couple of the women who earned a place on MJ’s honor roll. That list includes the likes of polar explorer Sarah McNair-Landry, Nepali climber Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, and Appalachian Trail hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis. They’re joined on the round-up by filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and mountaineer Melissa Arnot Reid, just to hame a few.

To find out who else is part of this hall of fame, and to learn more about the ladies mentioned above, check out the full article by clicking here. Chances are, you’ll come away with a few new heroes to follow and a lot of respect for some of the most impressive women who are out their pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Autor : Kraig Becker

* source: – Men’s Journal Names the 25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years

** see also:https://himalman.wordpress.com/category/video/

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Missing Trekker Survives 47 Days in the Himalaya .

The Himalayan Times has published quite a story of survival. The newspaper is reporting that a trekker who had been missing in the mountains of Nepal has been found after 47 days, although his 19-year old companion has died. The duo were traveling in the Langang region of the country without a guide when they disappeared, leading to what must have been a harrowing month and a half in the wilderness.

21-year old Taiwanese traveler Liang Shang Yuen and his companion Liu Chen Chun had come to Nepal to trek in the mountains there. On February 21, they had gained the permits necessary to enter Langtang National Park, and were part of a home stay program for three days in early March, before setting off on the next phase of their trip. Unfortunately, heavy snow set in and the duo hadn’t been seen since.

According to the story, it seems that the two young men took refuge in a cave, and may have gotten disoriented and lost. Over time, they ran out of food and were surviving just on drinking water, while they waited for rescue.

Search and rescue teams spotted Liang a few days back laying unconscious on the banks of a river. The body of Liu was nearby, with rescuers saying they believed that both travelers had fallen from a cliff. Liang is understandably in poor condition, but has been airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment. His family will be arriving there from Taiwan tomorrow.

At the moment, the young man can’t recall much of what has happened over the past 47 days. His story is likely to be quite a tale of survive however, as it isn’t easy to live in the mountains without food for so long. It must have been quite the ordeal to say the least. Thankfully, at least one of the trekkers was found alive and he’ll be going home soon.

Autor : Kraig Becker

* source: – Missing Trekker Survives 47 Days in the Himalaya

** see also: – – https://himalman.wordpress.com/category/video/

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Adam Bielecki planuje wytyczyć nową drogę na Cho Oyu.

Za kilka dni Adam Bielecki wraz Rickiem Allenem, Felixem Bergiem i Louisem Rousseau wyruszy w Himalaje, gdzie zamierza zdobyć nową drogą Cho Oyu (8201 m n.p.m.).

Swój nowy projekt opisuje w wywiadzie dla Gazety Wyborczej:

Celem Polsped Cho Oyu Expedition 2017 jest wytyczenie nowej drogi na szóstej co do wysokości górze świata, czyli Czo Oju [8201 m n.p.m.]. Wybraliśmy ponaddwukilometrową północną ścianę. Wiedzie przez nią jedna droga, wytyczona po prawej stronie przez Słoweńców w 1988 r. Wszystko na lewo to dziewiczy teren.

Dodaje dalek w rozmowie:

To 2000 m terenu nachylonego średnio pod kątem 45-50 stopni. Momentami będzie jednak o wiele stromiej. Na dole więcej jest lodu i śniegu, w górnej części zaczynają się skały. To najbardziej wymagający odcinek. Nie ujawniamy naszych dwóch pomysłów na nową drogę, bo linii nie wytycza się w domu. Staniemy pod ścianą, zobaczymy, gdzie wiszą seraki [ważące setki tysięcy ton bryły lodu często wielkości dużych bloków]. Wtedy spróbujemy znaleźć bezpieczne przejście. Nie wiemy, co nas czeka. To ekscytujące.

Cho Oyu od północy (fot. Steve Hicks/Wikipedia)

Bielecki zdradza także dalsze plany, czyli dołączenia do polskiej wyprawy, której celem jest pierwsze zimowe zdobycie K2:

Jeśli wszystko dobrze pójdzie, w zimie pojadę z polską wyprawą na niezdobyte o tej porze roku K2, ale nie żyję tym planem na co dzień. W zimie już sporo osiągnąłem, a nowej drogi na ośmiotysięczniku nie poprowadziłem. Chcę to zrobić w małym, szybkim zespole i w dobrym stylu. Opętała mnie ta myśl.

Trzymamy kciuki i czekamy na kolejne wieści!

* source: – http://outdoormagazyn.pl/2017/04/adam-bielecki-planuje-wytyczyc-nowa-droge-na-cho-oyu/

** see also – Himalaya Spring 2017: New Routes on Cho Oyu and Shishapangma .

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Winter Climbs 2017: Messner Visits Txikon in Base Camp on Everest.

Autor : Kraig Becker

The winter climbing season continues unabated in the Himalaya and elsewhere. The days are now ticking away rapidly, and with just two weeks to go in the season, the climbers on Everest are beginning to eye the finish line with the hopes of making one last summit bid before spring actually arrives. Meanwhile, in Alaska, another expedition is about to truly get underway.

Alex Txikon and his team have been on Everest since early January now, and have had all attempts to summit the mountain turned back due to bad weather. The team has seen its share of bad luck as well, with a couple of members being sent home after suffering injuries. In fact, the entire squad was recalled to Kathmandu a few weeks back, but after spending eight days in the Nepali capital, they returned to Base Camp last week to begin preparing for another summit push once again. They spent most of that time rebuilding the route through the Khumbu Icefall, but did manage to climb up to Camp 1 before going back down to BC.

It has been a very long and difficult season to say the least, and Alex and company are probably more than ready to wrap up this challenge and head home. If they have been feeling dejected in any way, it hasn’t come through in their dispatches however, and the Spaniard has always maintained an optimistic demeanor, even when things looked like they were at their worst. Still, today he received a major shot to his morale when legendary alpinist Reinhold Messner paid them a visit in Base Camp. Just judging from his dispatch it is clear how excited Alex was to meet his idol, and it may just be the shot in the arm he needed to finally get him up the mountain. Continue reading