On this site we present great/amazing charities to help their organisers to raise money.

Your donations will help with charities which we support.

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1. Biggest charity events in Poland :

26th Grand Finale with Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

* see also:- 25th Grand Finale with Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Thank you!

25th Grand Finale GOCC – another record beaten!

25th Grand Finale GOCC – Where to Watch Us?

* see also: –

2. We also support the foundation of the most famous Polish climber, the second in history to win all 14 eight-thousand (banner in the right column on the home page).

* see also: –  Jerzy Kukuczka – famous Polish climber /Version polish and english/

3. In the past we collected money to help a first Pakistani woman who wanted to reach the 7000 meter mountain top. We succeeded and Pakistani woman reached the top.

* source: – First Pakistani Women Expedition – you can help.

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