Scott Fischer famoust American climber.

Scott E Fischer (December 24, 1955May 11, 1996) was an American climber and guide, and the first American to summit 27,940-foot (8,516 meter) Lhotse, fourth highest mountain in the world. Fischer spent his early life in Michigan and New Jersey and took two years of climbing courses after being inspired at the age of 14 by a show he saw on television. In 1982, he and his wife, Jeannie Price, moved west to Seattle, Washington where they raised two children, Andy and Katie Rose. In the 1984, Fischer formed his own adventure company, Mountain Madness, which he set up to guarantee clients the summit of the world’s highest mountains for fees in the $50,000 range. In 1992, while climbing K2 successfully, he was involved in a daring rescue of Chantal Mauduit, a French woman climber who became severely snow blind. She went on to climb five more eight-thousanders but died in an avalanche on Dhaulagiri (1998). From the 1992 season, Fischer brought a new level of commercialism to adventures from successes of climbing.

He died in the 1996 Everest Disaster on May 11, the worst tragedy in the climbing history of Mount Everest. On May 10, 1996, Fischer, Anatoli Boukreev and Neal Beidleman guided eight of their clients to the summit of Everest. On the descent, the team was caught in a severe snowstorm. All the climbers managed to reach Camp IV on the South Col (7,900 m or 25,900 feet), except Fischer.

Fischer, who had reached the summit at around 3:45pm, had severe difficulties on the descent. Fischer was accompanied by sirdar (chief Sherpa) Lopsang Jangbu, but just below the south summit, Fischer was unable to continue and finally coaxed Lopsang to descend without him. Lopsang did so, with the hopes that he would be able to send someone else back up with additional supplemental oxygen and help Fischer get down. Boukreev, after prematurely descending ahead of his clients earlier in the day, made several attempts to reach Fischer, but turned back on the first two attempts due to the weather, though he succeeded in rescuing several other stranded people.

Finally, around 7pm on May 11, Boukreev was able to reach Fischer’s position, but unfortunately it was too late. Many speculate that Fischer had been suffering from a severe form of altitude sickness, either HACE or HAPE. A memorial cairn for Scott Fischer can be found at the top of a hill near Lobuche, on the trail to Everest base camp.

Accounts of what happened in 1996 were described in the books The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev and Gary Weston DeWalt, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, and Left for Dead by Beck Weathers.

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  1. Amazing*

    Always Sad to Lose a True Hero like Scott Fisher*

    I’ve seen TV like 48Hours or PrimeTime or 60Minutes + read Amazing Stories on U Climbers! Of course the Incredible Tales of Survival but also Overcoming tremendous Obstacles + Scaling Difficult Heights!!

    U Folks are truly an Inspiration to us all!

    Cheers Himalman!


  2. Yeti tracks found on Mt. Everest, reported today in Reuters:

  3. Scott wwas a friend of mine in High School (Ridge HS in Basking Ridge, NJ), we graduated in the same class…
    He was one of those people you could never forget…
    Such a passion for adventure & mountains…
    I remember whan he came back fom his first Outward Bound adventure…
    11 years later, you are till missed my friend…

  4. […] zdobyć Everest od srony Nepalu, kiedy to zgineli tak sławni i doświadczeni himalaiści jak : Scott Fischer i Rob Hall Drogą tą zdobyła szczyt Martyna Wojciechowska o czym można przeczytać […]

  5. Mountain Madness-
    New biography of Scott Fischer–Published February 2008

    “You’re either cruisin’ or you’re bummin’, so you might as well cruise.” — Scott Fischer

    Mountain climber Scott Fischer’s mantra would lead him to scale the highest and most treacherous peaks on earth. Best known as one of the guides who perished near the summit of Mount Everest during the tragic spring of 1996, Scott Fischer became for many an iconic symbol of audacity, hubris, and the limits of human endurance. But to those who knew him well, Scott was much more than an action figure at the heart of a modern-day cautionary tale. Now in this vivid, candid biography, Robert Birkby — one of Scott’s close friends — gives us a fascinating, in-depth portrait of who Scott Fischer really was and what led him to the top of the world.

    As a teenage athlete growing up in New Jersey, Scott felt a restless drive to reach beyond the limits of his suburban environment. He discovered the freedom he sought during summers in the rugged mountains of Wyoming. A natural mountaineer blessed with tremendous physical strength and willpower, Scott thrived on the challenges of climbing, the beauty of the high country, and the like-minded people he found there. With the creation of a guide service he called Mountain Madness, Scott meshed his need to climb with his joy in sharing with others the lofty, rarified realms he had made his own.

    In adrenaline-filled narratives that take us to the world’s tallest places, Robert Birkby traces the expeditions that made Scott one of the most respected climbers of the close-knit mountaineering community. From Alaska to the Soviet Union, from the granite walls of Yosemite to the punishing storms of the Himalayas, Scott’s achievements are hair-raising, inspiring, and always exhilarating — a relentless quest for new highs that builds inexorably to the rendezvous with disaster on Everest.

    Scott’s life was a journey filled with adventures, deep friendships, and dramatic successes and failures in the obscure reaches of some of the world’s most beautiful and dangerous places. A captivating homage to a man who eagerly went where few dare to go, Mountain Madness is an extraordinary account of courage, passion, and extreme living.

  6. Does anyone know what year Scott graduated from Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ? My cousin went to school with him. Would be neat to know if they knew each other.

  7. […] zdobyć Everest od srony Nepalu, kiedy to zgineli tak sławni i doświadczeni himalaiści jak : Scott Fischer i Rob Hall Drogą tą zdobyła szczyt Martyna Wojciechowska o czym można przeczytać […]

  8. […] Scott Fischer famoust American climber. […]

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  12. Dear Mrs. Fischer. I have to use voice activation right now. No biggie. I hope you see this. I want you…and I’ve never done this-with any of the famous people I’ve known in my life. Not even colleagues. I went to high school with your Scott. We were both leads in Arthur Miller the crucible Scott was John Proctor I was the Rev Hale. I did not know his sisters but I met them at their house. Lisa was the one. The one I really remember because she was so sweet to me. This is said in the most joyous way, I have a lot of professional photographs of Scott when he was 16. No one else is has will ever see them. Nfs! I want nothing but to let you know that Scott was the sweetest boy, A gracious gentlemen, and my friend. I never even knew he was famous until Everest a disgusting filthy movie using him as a dramatic … thin air I couldn’t read it. Scott was full focus- he was always going to outward bound?! he was junior year and I was a senior. We were both in total culture shock at Ridge. He was my brother one of my protectors . People don’t change ever. I can’t believe what Hollywood did to you and your family. It broke my heart but just for a few years LOL. I just want everyone to know this. I never go back you can’t go home again. Don’t believe anything – total disgusting bullshit in Everest! Total effing bullshit. I have absolutely no idea what social media is about. I never want to know . If anyone can get this to Scott’s Price do it!! It was meant to be. Price is a family name of mine. Scott was my hero real life. I just want to get the photographs to you for free nfs. In some small way I think I was his hero also. We liked each other as friends right off. The photographs were taken by our director and drama teacher. I was a portrait painter and he gave them to me I just don’t think the family should miss out on this wonderful remembrance visually. No one and I mean no one else can contact me about this. This is totally private and personal. Shawk747@gmail. com. Contact me with some lascivious reason I’ll kick your ass over Everest get it laughing

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