Tragedy in the Himalaya, 2009 climbing season.

1. Italian climber Roby Piantoni lost on Shisha Pangma. Roby Piantoni

Italian Roby Piantoni fell to his death on Shisha Pangma’s south face earlier Oct 15, 2009, climbers in BC have just confirmed.

“It’s a tragedy,” a member in Edurne Pasaban’s BC team has just told ExplorersWeb.

“Roby was climbing together with Marco Astori and Yuri Parimbelli. The face was in very tough, cristal-ice conditions and, apparently, he lost foot and fell. We are all devastated.”

Tragedy on Shisha Pangma, 2009 climbing season – Roby Piantoni lost on the south face.

2. Go Mi-Sun, 41, (also spelled ‘Ko Mi-young’ by some of the local media) lost on Nanga Parbat normal route. Go Mi Sun by ExWeb's

South Korean climber Ko Mi-young, 41, who went missing after a fall from a cliff in the Himalayas, was found dead in a ravine according to South Korean embassy in Pakistan, Sunday – Jul 12, 2009.

Tragedy on Nanga Parba, 2009 climbing season : Korean star climber Miss Go lost on Nanga Parbat normal route.

3. Cristina Castagna lost on Broad Peak.

On 18 July 2009 the 31 year old Italian mountaineer Cristina Castagna died as a result of a fall into a crevasse at 7000m during her descent from Broad Peak (Karakorum, Pakistan).Cristina Castagna

Confirmation came from her climbing partner Giampaolo Casarotto.

Cristina too has left us and will never return from her Broad Peak.

Tragedy on Broad Peak, 2009 climbing season – Cristina Castagna lost on descent from C4.

4. Italian skier Michele Fait lost on K2.

On 23 June the Italian mountaineer Michele Fait lost his life skiing from Camp 2 on the Cesen route on K2.

Tragedy on K2, 2009 climbing season.

5. Spanish climber Luis M. Barbero missing on Gasherbrum II.

There is news on the Spanish mountaineer reported missing during a summit push on GII – Sunday Jul 19, 2009 . Luis M. Barbero was last seen near the summit; all searching/rescue attempts have been thwarted by bad weather and high avalanche risks since then, according to expedition mates in BC Sechu Lopez and Marta Alejandre.

Tragedy on Gasherbrum II, 2009 climbing season – No hopes left for missing Luis M. Barbero.

6. Dutch climber Dennis Verhoeve lost on Cho Oyu.Dennis Verhoeve New

Dutch Dennis Verhoeve reportedly fell to his death on the way down from Cho Oyu summit on June 2nd. His was the last team still remaining on the mountain this season.

Tragedy on Cho Oyu 2009 – Dutch climber Dennis Verhoeve lost on Cho Oyu.

7. Polish climber Piotr Morawski lost on Dhaulagiri.

Polish ace climber Piotr Morawski has fell to his death on Dhaulagiri, local media have just reported – Aprilmorawski 08, 2009.

Morawski was climbing together with Slovak Peter Hamor. The “Two Peters” hoped to summit Dhaulagiri via its normal route, as a preparatory climb before attempting a new route on Manaslu’s west face.

–  Breaking news: Piotr Morawski lost on Dhaulagiri. Piotr Morawski zginął na Dhaulagiri. /Version english and polish/

* My condolences to the friends and families of these climbers.

* Previous story  : – Tragedy in the Himalaya.

** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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